Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Katie O'Brien


Katie is a junior who is majoring in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Special Education. She loves to kayak and watch Gossip Girl. To Katie, Sigma Kappa means becoming the person you've always wanted to be while finding your bridesmaids along the way.

Rachel Ligon

Executive Vice President

Rachel is a Sophomore. To Rachel, Sigma Kappa means ...

Madison Crouse

Vice President of Programming

Madison is a junior. To Madison, Sigma Kappa means...

Ashleigh Ferguson

Vice President of Membership

Ashleigh is a Junior Majoring in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education. She loves to dance, eat ice cream, and spend time with family. To Ashleigh, Sigma Kappa means lifelong friendships that will be there through thick and thin.

Taylor Canter

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Taylor is a Junior. To Taylor, Sigma Kappa means...

Emily McCartney

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Emily is a sophomore majoring in Athletic Training. In her free time she loves to go fly fishing, line dancing, and watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix. To Emily, Sigma Kappa isn't just letters I have the privilege to wear it is the everlasting bond bound between sisters who all stand for the same cause. Sigma Kappa is knowing you don't have to stand alone. It is what picks me up after a long day. It is friendships I never would have made if I didn't go Greek! Sigma Kappa is home.

Samantha Edwards

Vice President of Scholarship

Samantha is a Junior majoring in Elementary and Middle School Education with a Science Concentration. In her free time she likes to go to the gym and hang out with friends To Samantha, Sigma Kappa means loyalty and lifelong friendships.

Amber White

Vice President of Communications

Amber is a junior Nursing Major. She enjoys cooking and watching friends. To Amber, Sigma Kappa means second chances, it means always having a person to go to no matter the circumstance. I fell in love with Sigma Kappa when I knew that these women loved me for me, without hesitation.

Megan Clay

Vice President of Finance

Megan is a sophomore majoring in Business. She loves to online shop & spend time with her family or friends. To Megan, Sigma Kappa is a great support system to have while going through college, as well as after our college days. I have met girls in Sigma Kappa that I know will be apart of my life even after we graduate. Through Sigma Kappa I have learned the true value of friendship.

Katie Yates

Panhellenic Delegate

Katie is a Sophomore majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. In her free time she like to eat, hang out with friends, or relax and watch netflix. To Katie, Sigma Kappa means always having a shoulder to lean on, always having someone to laugh with, and finally finding my forever friends.

Kaitlyn Ketchum

Continuing Membership Chairman

Kaitlyn is a Junior Nursing major.To Kaitlyn, Sigma Kappa means...

Alexa Parker

Webmaster Chairman

Alexa is a sophomore Elementary and Middle Education major with a minor in History. She loves being on the water and traveling the world. To Alexa, Sigma Kappa means a home away from home.

Samantha Hall

Sisterhood Chairman

Sam is a sophomore majoring in Nursing. In her free time she likes to play with my golden retriever, travel, and hang out with my friends. To Sam, Sigma Kappa means a home away from home; "when I am with sisters I feel like I can conquer the world".

Victoria Allen

Social Chairman

Victoria is a Junior majoring in Communication Studies Major with a Concentration in Public Relations and a Minor in Business Administration. In her free time she likes to go to concerts and go line dancing. To Victoria, Sigma Kappa means loyalty. Loyalty to your values, your family, your friends, your sisters, and loyalty to yourself!

Emily Cooley

Housing Chairman

Erin Hubbard

Public Relations Chairman