Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Kaitlyn Ketchum


Kaitlyn is a Junior Medical Social Work major with a minor in Psychology. She is from Germany and loves to shop and travel the world. She is the treasurer of Federation of Student Social Workers and a dog mom to her pup Waffles. Kaitlyn said, "I love Sigma Kappa because it truly has been my home away from home. Each sister constantly uplifts and encourages me to be the best version of myself. Sigma Kappa has given me endless opportunities to grow on campus and within myself. "

Alexus Swafford

Vice President of Standards and Values

Alexus is a Sophomore Social Work major from Richmond, Virginia. She loves to travel and aspires to move to New York City after she graduates. Alexus said, "I love Sigma Kappa because I have someone to go to at all times. I also love the philanthropies and the value of service. I will always have a constant support system from my sisters."

Samantha Hall

Vice President of Programming

A junior Nursing Major from Mechanicsville, Virginia. She is also a member of Sigma Alpha Pi a leadership and success organization at Longwood. Sam loves to play with her puppy and spend time with family. She has a passion for traveling and learning about new cultures and would love to take a road trip across the United States one day. Sam said, "I love Sigma Kappa because it is my home away from home. It brought me to my best friends and gave me so many opportunities to serve on campus and in the Farmville community. I have grown so much since joining Sigma Kappa and I cannot wait to see what other opportunities this organization holds for me!"

Brianna Patillo

Vice President of Membership

Bri is a Junior Political Science major with a concentration in Pre-Law and a minor in Criminal Justice. She is from Lynchburg, Virginia. She is also the Social Media Coordinator for Promise16 which is a club at Longwood about mental health awareness. Brianna said, "This chapter has really helped me grow in more ways than one and I am extremely thankful for this chapter and the people within it."

Julia Byrd

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Julia is a Sophomore Communications major with a concentration in Digital Media. She is from Roanoke, Virginia. She is really into fitness and has a huge passion for the elderly population, specifically those affected by Alzheimer's. Julia said, "I love Sigma Kappa because of their philanthropies and their core value of service. It clearly shows that service is a huge part of this organization because of the five we have and I really admire that."

Carolina Leone

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Carolina is a Sophomore Nursing major from Chesapeake, Virginia. She has traveled to 7 different countries with a band. She loves to dance, do photography, play music. She knows how to play 10 different instruments. She said, "I love Sigma Kappa, because of the support system that all the sister provide."

Lane Seward

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Lane is a Junior Liberal Studies Major with a concentration in Elementary Education. She is from Chesapeake, Virginia. Lane loves to read and work with animals, as she was a part of the Chesapeake 4H Livestock Club. She is very organized and puts her best work into everything she does and always stay positive no matter what is thrown in her way. Lane said, "Sigma Kappa brought me my best friends and future bridesmaids."

Collen O'Connor

Vice President of New Member Education

Colleen is a Liberal Studies major with a concentration in special education. She is from Fairfax, Virginia but wants to move to Richmond when she graduates. She loves to travel and has been to Italy, South Africa, and Puerto Rico. This past winter break she went to South Africa with Longwood on a study abroad trip to study youth culture in tourism. She is a member of the Longwood women’s club volleyball team, Kappa Delta Pi, and Longwood SPED ambassadors. Colleen said, “Sigma Kappa has brought on more opportunities then I can dream of and given me a constant support system.”

Alexa Palmer

Vice President of Communications and Operations

Alexa is a Senior Business major with a concentration in marketing and a minor in Psychology. She is obsessed with her dog Chance, and coffee. So it is fitting that she works at Uptown Coffee Cafe and is involved in Greek Ambassadors. Alexa said "I love Sigma Kappa because it gave me a home away from home. I have made lifelong friends and memories."

Rachel Ligon

Vice President of Finance

Rachel is a senior majoring in Business Admin with a concentration in Accounting and a minor in Criminal Justice. She is from Chesterfield, Virginia. She is fortunate enough to serve as the Vice President of Finance for the Fall semester of 2019. This is her 3rd time holding an executive position in Sigma Kappa. She has previously served as Vice President of Membership and Vice President of Standards and Values. She works at a local dance studio to continue to share her love of dance with others. Rachel said "Sigma Kappa holds a special place in my heart. Having the opportunity to be surrounded by 50 wonderful sisters who lift you up each and every day is an experience I would not have had without this organization."

Hannah Overstreet

Panhellenic Delegate

Hannah is a Sophomore majoring in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education. She is from Southampton County and one of her aspirations is to be as good a teacher as her mom. Hannah loves reading, eating desserts, and crafting. She hopes to one day travel to Italy because it is a beautiful country and has always wanted to try authentic Italian food. She said, "Sigma Kappa has helped me to grow into a more confident person, and has also helped me meet lovely and motivational women like my Big!"

Blair Rossi

Continuous Open Bidding Chairman

Blair is Art education Major with a minor in special education and design and craft. Blair is from Richmond, Virginia and is in Art Fraternity called Kappa Pi andalso a peer mentor. She loves keeping busy and staying organized. Blair comes from a HUGE Italian family so she is a social butterfly to say the least! Blair said, "The woman in Sigma Kappa are empowering and inclusive. They are constantly building each other up. I also admire how they strive for diversity."

Sydney Mitchell


Sydney is a Sophomore Nursing major from Mechanicsville, Virginia. She is apart of the Student Nursing Association and loves working with the elderly. She hopes to join the Peace Corps after graduation. Sydney said, "I love Sigma Kappa because I am able to give back to the community with all of my best friends."

Elise Sydow

Sisterhood Chairman

Elise is a Sophomore History major with a Political Science minor and a Secondary Education concentration. She is from Midlothian, Virginia and loves Disney World and all things Disney! She is a peer mentor at Longwood University. She said, " I love being sisterhood chairmen because I get to help my sisters create deeper bonds! Sigma Kappa pushed me to become a better me and gave me incredible people to support me and make me smile on a cloudy day."

Laura Panak

Social Chairman

Laura is a Junior Communications Sciences and Disorders major with a business administration minor. She is from Richmond, Virginia and enjoys swimming and hiking. She is in Kappa Delta Pi honors fraternity. She hopes to one day have her own private practice for speech therapy. Laura said, "I love Sigma Kappa because it is a group of women that support me in any way and will be honest with me. It is my home away from home."

Emily McCartney

Ritual Chairman

Emily is a Junior Biology major from New Kent, Virginia. She loves to go fly fishing with her dad, eat fried pickles, and is obsessed with The Resident and New Amsterdam on Hulu! She is also a part of the College Panhellenic Council where she serves as the Vice President of Recruitment as well as a member of the Longwood Ambassadors. Emily said, "I love Sigma Kappa because it has made me who I am today. I have grown over the past three years that I have been in this organization and wouldn't change it for the world. Sigma Kappa has brought me some of my closest friends and many opportunities I would not have thought were possible."

Lydia Sares

Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Lydia is a Junior Psychology major with a minor in Neurostudies. She is from Northern Virginia and enjoys reading and writing in her downtime. She would love to publish her own book someday. Lydia has a deep appreciation for other cultures being brought up in a Greek traditional household. She loves music, singing, traveling, seeing new places, meeting new people, and food. Lydia said, "Our values are really important to me, especially our philanthropies and the emphasis that is put on giving back to our communities."

Alyssa Griffith

Housing Chairman

Alyssa is a Sophomore Business Major from Chesapeake, Virginia. She loves to dance and wants to join the Business Fraternity here at Longwood! Alyssa said, "I love Sigma Kappa because it has given me my home away from home and amazing leadership opportunities and experiences plus the ability to give back to my community."

Kayla Bailey

Public Relations Chairman

Kayla is a Somphmore Nursing Major from Prince George, Virginia. She loves to trave due to the fact her relatives live in Europe. She has also traveled to Canada, England, Greece, Italy, and Hungary. Kayla is on the Blue Heat Dance Team at Longwood and slo the Public Relations Officer for the team. Kayla said, "I love Sigma Kappa for its values. I immediately connected with the values, for they are something I remind myself every day. I have always cherished friendship, I expect loyalty in myself and others as it is a quality characteristic to have, I value the heart and soul others put into servicing their community which only motivates me to do the same, and I most certainly encourage and promote personal growth in all aspects of my life. Because every member is to live by these values, I have found the most amazing women in this sorority who have given endless amounts of love, comfort, and support. Even sharing all the same values, we are all completely and beautifully unique in our diversity, which allows for a sisterhood like no other. A sisterhood which I can call my home."

Seneca Pecklo

Triangle Correspondent and Historian

Seneca is a Junior Communication Studies Major, with a PR concentration in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She is from Leesburg, Virginia and is also a member of the Honors Student Association. Seneca loves traveling, going to the beach or lake, and hanging out with friends. Seneca said, "I love Sigma Kappa because it has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual and meet my best friends."