If you would like to complete a recommendation for a potential new member please complete the online recruitment introduction form.

Primary recruitment will go through January 10th - January 13th

Potential new members will arrive back on campus on January 10th for Welcome and Introduction to Recruitment. 

Day 1: Values- 9 parties, each 35 minutes long

Day 2: Philanthropy- 7 parties, each 40 minutes long

Day 3: Preference/Bid Day- 3 parties, each 45 minutes long


Here is the link to sign up for formal recruitment for Spring 2019:


If you have any questions about Formal Recruitment, please feel free to reach out to our VPM Ashleigh Ferguson

Contact info: 

Name- Ashleigh Ferguson




Here is the link for Longwood's CPC website where you can access more information/details: